Sales Success Summit 2018- Austin, Texas

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Most sales conferences are built for sales leaders and sales managers. It’s time there was an event built explicitly for quota carrying, individual contributor sales professionals.

Better yet, what if instead of featuring a bunch of “sales experts” who haven’t sold anything but themselves in years (or decades?) ALL of the speakers were top 1% performers who could tell you first hand what it takes to succeed today?

I don’t know about you, but that’s the type of content from the type of mentors I’ve always wanted to connect with.

38 episodes ago I launched the Sales Success Stories Podcast to deconstruct world class sales performers Tim Ferriss style. All of those interviewees are either #1 or top 1% individual contributors from companies like LinkedIn, ADP, Percolate, Bloomberg BNA, Cutco and Microsoft.

They’ve all shared amazing advice. Talked about their sales philosophies, sales processes, mentors, inspiration and more. But the podcast is a one way medium, and wouldn’t it be better to interact with them in-person and ask YOUR questions?

Now let’s take that concept one step further. I don’t know about you, but I hate hotel conference rooms. They're stale, boring and the seats don’t have cup holders and servers that come right to you.

And don’t even get me started on the packed agenda of talking heads that don’t allow enough time for interaction with the speakers and the others in attendance who are trying to accomplish the same things you are.

The Sales Success Summit will take place at the Alamo Drafthouse, a funky, fun, full-service movie theater in Austin, Texas. See the presentations on a movie screen. Have servers bring you the food and drinks you’re craving at any time. Then experience an agenda that never has more than 90 minutes of content in a row before you have an opportunity to network (that’s one of the main reasons you’re there right?) for 30 minutes.

But wait… There’s more. I’m a little bit biased having lived here for the last 14 years, but Austin is a pretty cool town. We’ve also got some great food. So after the first day of presentations and after the happy hour next door at the High Ball, we’ll head out for a dine-around at some of Austin’s most iconic eateries. There you can have a more intimate conversation with your favorite top 1%er and a few other amazing attendees.

Speaking of Austin the event is intentionally on a Monday and Tuesday for two reasons. 1) Selling time matters and I​​​​ didn’t want to blow up your entire week and

2) Now you have an excuse to fly to Austin on Friday or Saturday and spend the weekend here. You know you’ve always wanted to!

Austin Iconic Restaurants

​You also get to influence the agenda. Intentionally only about 60% of the agenda is built at this point, because we’ll tailor the event to the needs of those of you who pay to join us. We’re also going to leave some of the agenda open on Tuesday to see what themes and questions emerge on Monday. We’ll then build panels or bring back your favorite presenters to go deeper into those most impactful ideas. This is all about being agile in our approach to your having a great experience.

Still have questions? There's a FAQ section on the primary Summit site at If you have any questions beyond that feel free to reach out to me directly. Enter your email address above and reply to that note and you'll get directly to me. Thanks for your interest and I hope to see YOU at the Sales Success Summit!

-Scott Ingram

While not yet scheduled to present, the following podcast guests have all registered to attend the first ever Sales Success Summit

​Your registration fee will depend on how early you register. The earlier the better!

$899 if registered before 12/15/2017
$999 if registered before 1/31/2018
$1,099 if registered before 2/28/2018

$1,199 if registered before 3/31/2018
$1,299 if registered before 5/4/2018


"I get more value from your podcast than any other sales content that I listen to both from other podcasts and audio books."

-Paul Speyers, Business Development Manager

"I really enjoy the podcast & get a ton of value from it. It’s very refreshing to hear from 'real world' salespeople vs. just another 'guru' (who may or may not have been successful in sales!)"

-Michael Colella, Vice President - Corporate Banking, First National Bank of Pennsylvania

​“The Sales Success Stories Podcast is the real deal. Each episode offers valuable insight into how the best of the best perform. I pick up at least one key lesson from each guest on the show and try apply it to my job as a sales professional. Looking forward to connecting and learning more from these top sellers at the Summit in May.”

-​Luke Gharghoury, Sales Account Manager, Suncor Energy.

Speaker testimonial video​


​Here are the presenters we have confirmed so far:

Trong Nguyen - Winning the Cloud

​Trong Nguyen

How to Crack the Largest Enterprise Customers

​Trong managed a $50M book of business at Microsoft and closed some game changing deals in financial services and healthcare. His session will focus on his unique process for accessing and building relationships at the C-Level inside enterprise accounts to setup massive opportunities

​Jacquelyn Nicholson

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants - Coaches, Mentors and You

​​Jacquelyn will talk about the difference between coaches and mentors. She'll also talk about how to effectively leverage each and when

​Justin Bridgemohan

Prescriptive Selling:

Leading your Prospective Customers Through their Buying Process

​​Justin's session will focus on his unique selling process whereby he proactively manages prospects through their own buying process. He's seen significantly higher win rates because of this approach

David Weiss - ADP

​David Weiss

Sales Process: Building Your own Formula for Success

​​David is a sales process master. He believes that selling is a science and can be approached methodically. In this exciting session he'll talk about how he builds pipeline, pitches winning deals, and manages a tight sales process with clear gap identification. He’s taught this process to many sales people and seen them far exceed quota.

​DeJuan Brown

Success Through Service

​​DeJuan will talk about the approach he used to serve the contacts in his territory that got him to #2 of 150 sellers at Bloomberg BNA

​​Josh Mueller

The Mastery of Up-Serving

​​Josh has sold millions of dollars worth of knives for Cutco and his sales training has resulted in hundreds of millions more in sales for others. Josh is the #4 all time sales performer in Cutco's 70 year history. In this session Josh will walk through a 5 step process to grow your average deal size even more once a customer has said: "yes"

Debe Rapson

​Debe Rapson

Digging for Gold: The Art & Science of Deep Discovery

​​Debe is the queen of discovery! She'll walk through exactly how to do discovery right at the beginning of your sales process to help you close more deals, more often, while generating more revenue per opportunity

Kyle Gutzler - Senior Account Executive - PayScale

​​Kyle Gutzler

Double Your Sales, Income & Sales Career

​​Kyle will tell his own story of how he literally double his sales in one year and become the #1 seller in his organization. He'll walk through the actionable details that you can use yourself to accomplish similar feats

Antony Rhine - Octiv

​​Antony Rhine

Staying Organized like Serial Quota Killer

​​Antony IS a serial quota killer. He's done it again and again and again and attributed much of that success to the way he stays organized and the actions he takes. In this session he'll walk through the details of how he organizes and prepares to crush it

Mike Dudgeon

​​Mike Dudgeon

Treat your Sales Career Like a Franchise Owner

​​Mike will talk about taking ownership of your territory, your results and your career. Along with some practical advice on generating more value for your clients and employer

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