📅 October 10th & 11th, 2021


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Who books your speakers and keynotes?

This is actually the most common question we get. We don't hire any outside speakers. 100% of our presenters have been featured on the Sales Success Stories Podcast and to qualify to be on the podcast they must be an active, quota carrying, individual contributor who is either #1 or at least in the top 1% of performers in a large sales organization.

What is the Sales Success Summit all about?

The Sales Success Summit is an event designed for sales professionals by sales professionals. This is an opportunity to learn from and talk with many of the top producing sellers who have appeared on the Sales Success Stories Podcast. We’re all about creating a unique and memorable experience that inspires, motivates and imparts the knowledge to help you take your own sales results to the next level.

What’s the agenda and who will be presenting?

The agenda will likely start to come together in July or August. All of the presentations will be delivered by the #1 and top 1% level sales performers who've appeared on the Sales Success Stories Podcast with Scott Ingram.

How much is the Summit?

Depends on when you register. The earlier the better. Here’s the discount schedule:

Before 10/31/2021 - $999 GET YOUR TICKET NOW ⏱️

Before 11/30/2021 - $1,049

Before 12/31/2021 - $1,099

Before 1/31/2022 - $1,149

Before 2/28/2022 - $1,199

Before 3/31/2022 - $1,249

Before 4/30/2022 - $1,299

Before 5/31/2022 = $1,349

Before 6/30/2022 = $1,399

Before 7/31/2022 = $1,449

Before 8/31/2022 = $1,499

Before 9/30/2022 = $1,549

Before 10/9/2022 = $1,599

Can I bring my team and get a group discount?

Yes! Buy 4 tickets at the current price and you'll receive a 5th ticket for free. (20% off 5 or more tickets)

Note: We've decided that 10 is the maximum number of people we'll allow from any one company. This is a very intimate event with a max of ~200 people. 10 people from the same company is 5% of the audience.

Can I receive a refund?

Your ticket is 100% refundable until 60 days prior to the event: August 12, 2021.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to somebody else as long as you let us know before 8/31/2021

Where should I stay and can you provide more details about the schedule?


What if I have more questions or want to talk about sponsoring?

Email scott [at] top1.fm or call: 512-777-1442

What about COVID?

Great question. We're taking everyone's safety very seriously and will do everything we can to create as safe a space as possible. At the very least we're going to require that all attendees be vaccinated. If you're not vaccinated or don't plan to be fully vaccinated prior to the event, please don't register! We will likely have an additional auditorium available in the theater if you'd like to be a bit more social distance. We're also considering administering rapid tests upon check-in.