Oct 12-13, 2020
Austin, Texas

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Are you committed to your own success in sales?

The next Sales Success Summit isn’t until October 12-13 2020, but the opportunity to participate will likely expire months before the event.

The Experience

@ Alamo drafthouse

In this third iteration of the event we’re still going to provide a very intimate experience. The largest auditorium at the Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater where we’re hosting the event again only seats a maximum of 198 people. This is an intimate experience

Meet THE Top1

sharing success

This is your opportunity to connect with MANY of the top 1% performers who have been on the podcast. By the time the Summit rolls around over 100 individuals will have been on the podcast and with any luck at least half of them will be attending the Summit.

Expand Your Network

lasting relationships

Just like before the focus will not only be on great content (which we’re months away from deciding on), but also about a great experience that allows plenty of time and opportunities for connections to be made and relationships built.

Here’s what ​David Weiss said after attending ​his second Summit:

"​Now I have been to many sales conferences, retreats, and social events. This. Was. Not. That. Those are a dime a dozen. What may look to people outside the community, as just another conference, turned out to be so much more. Like when you go to a five star restaurant for the first time, you don’t just eat food, you experience food, and it just tastes better. Or when you see a symphony played by masters, the music is just that much more impactful and moving, and it brings out raw emotion. This was that!


Tickets for the 2020 Summit have sold out. We'll be updating this page soon with more information. For now if you'd like to be added to the waiting list please email [email protected], and for general updates including details about the live-stream drop your name and email address into the form at the top of the page.

Sales Success Stories Podcast

Not only can you get this great deal on the pricing. You’ll also receive access to all of the videos from the 2019 Summit (12 presentations, 6 panels and over 11 hours of content all delivered by top 1% sales professionals)

But wait there’s more! With the Summit months away you'll be invited to a monthly Zoom call so you can start connect with each other and building relationships well in advance of the actual event. Allowing you the opportunity to actually know people before walking in the door.​

We’ll take on all the risk as well. If for any reason you’re not able to attend the Summit or otherwise decide that you’d like to cancel. We’ll refund 100% of your fees. We’ll even eat all of the transaction fees. So there’s literally no-risk. You can cancel until 30 days prior to the event.


For details about the live-stream drop your name and email into the form below to get updates and one free video from the 2019 Summit:

Here’s what people said about the 2018 Summit


Covid Update - 6/7/2020

To improve our odds of actually being able to get together in-person at this year's Summit in October we've decided to limit attendance at this year's event to 50% capacity. Which means that only 99 people will have an opportunity to join us at this year's event.

If you were planning to buy a ticket, please do so NOW (or at least very soon) as we'll likely sell the rest in the next few weeks.

Note: Because of the pandemic we've intentionally left prices at the discount level from March.

What is the Sales Success Summit all about?

The Sales Success Summit is an event designed for sales professionals by sales professionals. This is an opportunity to learn from and talk with many of the top producing sellers who have appeared on the Sales Success Stories Podcast. We’re all about creating a unique and memorable experience that inspires, motivates and imparts the knowledge to help you take your own sales results to the next level.

W​ho books your speakers and keynotes?

​This is actually the most common question we get. We don't hire any outside speakers. 100% of our presenters have been featured on the Sales Success Stories Podcast and to qualify to be on the podcast they must be an active, quota carrying, individual contributor who is either #1 or at least in the top 1% of performers in a large sales organization.

What’s the agenda and who will be presenting?

The agenda will be built early in the Summer of 2020. Areas of focus will be largely influenced by feedback from early registrants, and all presenters will be top 1% performers who have been interviewed on the Sales Success Stories Podcast.

How much is the Summit? 

Depends on when you register. The earlier the better. Here’s the discount schedule:

Before 11/30/2019  -  $749
Before 12/31/2019  -  $799
Before ​1/31/2020   -  $849
​Before ​2/29/2020   -  $899

Before ​3/31/2020   -  $949

Before ​4/30/2020   -  $​999

Before ​​5/31/2020   -  $1,049

Before ​6/30/2020   -  $1,099

​Before ​7/31/2020   -  $1,149
Before 8/31/2020   -  $1,199
Before 9/30/2019  -  $1,499
After 10/1/2020  -  $1,699

Can I get a discount?

There are no discounts available this year (unless you attended last year’s Summit, or have been a guest on the podcast). The earlier you register the better your price.

​What about a team or group discount?

​Ok... Ok. Buy 4 tickets at the current price and you'll receive a 5th ticket for free.

Can I receive a refund?

Your ticket is 100% refundable until ​September 12, 2020

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to somebody else as long as you let us know before ​September 30, 2020

How many people will be attending?

Attendance is limited to the number that will fit inside the largest theater at the Alamo Drafthouse (max. 198) This is all about creating an intimate experience with an opportunity to connect with a large percentage of those in attendance.

What if I have more questions?

Email scott [at] or call: 512-777-1442